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These Terms of Use (Terms) are a contract between you and YallaGYM (Open Skies Ltd. Company). (YallaGYM or we) and govern your access to and use of any YallaGYM website, mobile application (such as for iPhone or Android) or content (the Site) or any fitness, recreational, wellness, or other services, classes, experiences, activities, events, recordings, classes, GYM booking and/or products made available through YallaGYM platforms (collectively services). Please read these Terms carefully before accessing and/or using the Site and/or YallaGYM App Services.

Terms of Use

  1. Acceptance of Terms: By accessing and/or using the Site and/or App Services, or clicking any button to indicate your understanding, your consent, your acceptance and agreement to be bound by these Terms, just as if you had agreed to these Terms in writing. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use the Site or any YallaGYM App Services or contents.
  2. Amendment of Terms: YallaGYM may amend the Terms from time to time. Unless we provide a delayed effective date, all amendments will be effective upon posting and/or publishing of such updated Terms. Your continuous access to or use of the Site or Mobile App Services after such posting constitutes your consent to be bound by the Terms, as amended.
  3. Additional Terms: In addition to these Terms, certain plans, offers, products, services, elements or features may also be subject to additional terms, conditions guidelines or rules which may be posted, communicated or modified by us or applicable third parties at any time. Your use of any such plan, offer, product, service, element or feature is subject to those additional terms and conditions, which are hereby incorporated by reference into the Terms, provided that in the event of any conflict between such additional terms and the Terms, the Terms shall control. The YallaGYM Privacy police is hereby incorporated by reference.
  4. You’re as a YallaGYM user, GYM visitor and service purchaser is solely responsible for any damages occur to the selected and/or GYM facilities and also you are soley responsible for your personal safety and health. YallaGYM and its owners are not responsible by any mean for any consequences occurs as a result of your use of the applications and/or your visit to the GYM and exercises in that GYM or during your mobilization to that GYM site.

YallaGYM Platform

  1. YallaGYM Platform. The YallaGYM platform enables consumers to reserve, schedule, purchase, access and attend a wide range of fitness, recreational and wellness Classes offered and operated by fitness studios, gyms, trainers, venues or other third parties (collectively, Venues). YallaGYM itself is not a gymnasium, place of amusement or recreation, health club, facility, fitness studio or similar establishment and does not own, operate or control any of the Classes that are offered at or through such facilities.
  2. There are a number of ways to participate in GYM services through YallaGYM Mobile App and Website, such as various single visit plans, subscription plans, promotional plans, digital contents, classes, and non- subscription purchases. These options consist of different services and features and may be subject to additional and differing conditions, prices, policies and limitations. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered options and plans at any time in our discretion. From time to time we may permit non-subscribers to access certain services, content or features for a cost or at no cost. YallaGYM makes no commitment on the quality, quantity, availability, type or frequency at which such Classes, content and features will be available to non-subscribers and may modify, discontinue, remove or suspend access at any time and for any reason in our sole discretion.
  3. To enjoy full access to the Site and YallaGYM services, you need to sign up for a subscription. You must provide us with a current, valid, accurate data about your-self and the method of payment (Payment Method). We may update the accepted methods from time to times. If you purchase a service all such purchased services will be governed by these Terms and will continue indefinitely until used or canceled or terminated.

Data we collect from you

The Register may collect, process and use your personal data (including your name, Gender, Birth date, city, phone number and technical data including your login data, time zone setting and location, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access this App ("Technical Data").

We collect this data when you create an account on our App

How we use your personal data

We will only use your personal data when the law allows us to. Most commonly, we will use your personal data in the following circumstances:

Generally, we do not rely on consent as a legal basis for processing your personal data other than in relation to sending third party direct marketing communications to you via text message.

Data storage and security

The Register takes the protection of your information very seriously. We use encryption (SSL) to protect your personal data when appropriate, and all the information provided to The Register is stored securely once we receive it.

The Register may store your personal data on secure servers either on our premises or in secure third-party data centers.


  1. Service Fee: By subscribing with YallaGYM, you give us authority to use your payment method details and/or your credit card details in order to automatically deduct your service fee and/or your membership subscription once it has been confirmed to be purchased on our application. You also hereby give us authority to charge you any additional fees that may be incurred which may be related to the VAT or any other related Taxes.
  2. Price Changes: We reserve the right to adjust our offered pricing at any time. Unless we expressly communicate otherwise, the committed prices offered for the subscriptions/services are the ones shown on the YallaGYM website or mobile application.
  3. Payment Methods: The payment method is the one you select to pay for YallaGYM service. Whenever applicable, you may edit your Payment Method preferences or information by logging onto our website or mobile app and editing it in your account settings.
  4. Cancellation of Service Order: Unless we communicate otherwise, you will not be able to cancel your purchased service. Changes of the visit dates are subject to the GYM acceptance and it should be coordinated directly with them as YallaGYM shall not be responsible for the refund the service fees for any reason.


Your privacy is important to YallaGYM. The YallaGYM Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated into these Terms by reference. Please read the privacy policy carefully for information relating to YallaGYM’ collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. When you make a reservation, the applicable Venue partner will have access to certain information about you, such as your name, mobile number and email address, so they can provide services to you, communicate with you regarding the GYM services you reserved and/or future offers and promotions and/or send you other communication that may be of interest to you such as marketing offers. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

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